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Pylones lenzendoosje roze

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Pylones lenzendoosje in het roze. 

Grappig zijn ze, deze lenzendoosjes in diverse kleuren met oog.  Gemaakt van kunststof.

Alleen nog in de roze uitvoering.


Opgericht in 1987.

Pylones, as a utility designer in Paris for the past twenty seven years, persistently continues to create and fill our everyday lives with dreams of colourful, playful and distorted products. The first store opened in 1987 in the heart of the French capital. And over the years, one after the other came to be; today, they number ten in all. Outlets blossom in malls such as Printemps, les Galleries Lafayette...
Pylones has come a long way since the birth of its rubber products created in a small workshop located near Paris. Present all over the world, the "small" firm continues to make us smile even more with new ideas and new colours. The products are imagined in order to "romanticize" our daily lives, and their personalities will always be here to enchant us. Pylônes readies itself for each fair trade by imagining a whole army of creativity.

pylones lenzendoosje bij kitschenzo

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